Academic Work

I’m a doctoral student at the University of North Dakota, studying rhetoric and composition. I’m also a creative writer. I’m interested in the unique challenges presented by the first year composition classroom and how the principles that power creative writing might mitigate some of those barriers to education. I think the Expressivism movement proposed a lot of useful ideas, and I’m interested in the ways in which that movement is being shaped and applied today. I’m also interested in genre theory and knowledge transfer, and I’ve attempted to use genre theory as an avenue for knowledge transfer in the first year composition courses that I teach. Some of my academic influences to date are Deborah Brandt, Peter Elbow, Elizabeth Wardle, and Louise Rosenblatt–which is kind of a range but I’m interested in a lot of things. To get a better sense of what I’m working on, I’ve posted some excerpts from papers and projects from my coursework.