I’ve taught three courses at the University of North Dakota:

English 110 – Introduction to College Writing
English 130 – Writing for Public Audiences
English 226- Introduction to Creative Writing

Our composition department has a set of textbooks and a framework for English 110 and 130; using that frame work I design a syllabus for each semester that I teach (excepting my first semester teaching when I used a common syllabus). I typically change a few things each semester based on student feedback, how well the previous semester unfolded, and pedagogical experimentation. For the Introduction to Creative Writing course, there are a some foundational concepts that need to be covered, but beyond that, I was given pedagogical control over my syllabus.

Below are annotated syllabi and course policies that I’ve used for these three courses:

English 110 Course Policies


English 110 Annotated Syllabus 

English 130 Course Policies 

English 130 Annotated Syllabus 

Introduction to Creative Writing Syllabus